Five Top Party Game Ideas for Adults

Planning a birthday party for adults? Party game ideas can run the gamut from silly to naughty, but there are five games that always top the list.

1.Charades. Yes, it can be silly and a little boring. But you can create a theme game, where all the prompts will come from 80s John Hughes movies, or Alfred Hitchcock mysteries. Or you can create teams and then challenges. There are many ways to make this classic an updated and fun party essential.

2.Drinking games. Ok, so if you have non-drinkers in the group, these won't always be a good idea. But if you're a relatively small group and you know each other well, then a drinking party game can be fun and silly. You might watch a football game and take a drink whenever John Madden says "boom" or you might take a drink whenever the host's ornery cat meows at someone. Whatever you come up with, make it non-judgmental and fun.

3.Twister. That's right, the classic Twister floor game. While this can be uncomfortable at the start, it's also a silly and fun way for people to get to know each other.

4.Name that Tune. This is a great icebreaker game. It also helps everyone discover what they might have in common, or what they might truly not have in common when it comes to music. For this game, someone starts by giving just one word (or line) of a song. Everyone tries to name the song based on that one word or line of the song.

If nobody can guess the song, the person who offered up the word or line must then give the name of the song and sing part of it. Whoever does the song right then gets to choose the next word or line of a song to share with the group.

5.Video games. But not just any video game. We're talking about games like "Dance Dance Revolution" which brings everyone into the party and lets everyone let loose. If you have a Wii and more than one controller, you can also create a fun Wii tournament with your guests.

Sometimes we forget to plan games when organizing a party for adults, but adults can have fun playing party games just like children.