Celebrate Graduation with Fun Party Game Ideas

A graduation signifies the end of one phase in a person's life, and the start of a new phase. The graduation party is the place where the graduate celebrates his hard work and accomplishments. Whether the party is for a graduate of high school, college, or a career program, the party game ideas help break the ice.

Jump-start the party games by planning a themed high school graduation party. The easiest theme is college-based theme that depicts where the graduate is going to college. Instruct guests to dress up in college attire, such as jerseys, t-shirts, hats, and accessories. Play trivia games about the college, hold a school fight song contest, and play a game of college flag football in the backyard.

There are tons of party game ideas for outside graduation parties. Since graduation happens in the spring or early summer, many graduation parties are barbecues or picnic parties. Have guests bring a swimsuit for a pool party and play the greasy watermelon game. Divide guests into teams, grease a watermelon, toss it into the middle of the pool, and the first team to get the watermelon to the other side and over the edge of the pool wins. Guests can also play horseshoes, darts, pool volleyball, basketball, and water balloons.

Use a future based theme when thinking of ideas for party games for a college graduation. One option is the Where Will I Be? game. This game works great for a party that's honoring more than one graduate, or a party where most of the guests are also recent graduates. Have each graduate write down at least five things they think they will be doing in ten years. Collect all the papers and store them in a safe place. After ten years, get the same group of people together and see how close they came to their graduation dreams.