Party Game Ideas for Rehearsal Dinners Can be Fun and Silly

Rehearsal dinners are often seen as somewhat sedate affairs at nice restaurants where everyone enjoys good food and wine and relaxes before the big day.

You can inject some life into a rehearsal dinner by playing some fun games. Party game ideas for rehearsal dinners run the gamut from silly to serious, but there's sure to be a game that will suit whatever kind of crowd you have.

If the rehearsal dinner is at a restaurant, it's best to reserve a room. Most of the games we're going to suggest take some space and might draw the attention and interest of fellow restaurant goers. Since a rehearsal dinner is usually fairly intimate, having a room also allows everyone to have some fun together while playing the fun games.

One fun game is charades. Yes, that's right. We said charades. Instead of acting out a scene from a movie or television show, however, you act out scenes from the bride and groom's lives.

Here's how it works. Ahead of time, someone who is familiar with aspects of both the bride and groom's lives should write down ideas on index cards. They might include things like, "Laura graduates from college with honors" or "Michael breaks his leg while snow skiing".

Each guest at the party draws an index card and must act out the scene, the way they think it happened. If a guest doesn't know Michael or his family, he or she will have to use their imagination to act out how Michael might have broken his leg while snow skiing.

This is a fun game that's sure to create more solid relationships between the two families.

Other fun games might include "pin the veil on the bride" or a dress-up game which might include prom dresses (for those dressing up as bridesmaids), clip-on ties, jackets and the like. Make sure to take plenty of pictures as this game is played.