Party Game Ideas for Couples

You have invited several couples over for a party, but do not have any party game ideas to spice up the evening. Instead of running to the store and purchasing an expensive board game that will probably end up in the top of the closet never to be used again, create your own game from resources readily on hand or inexpensive to buy.

Develop a game based on the Newlywed Game show from the 1970s. Pick an emcee, a person who is outgoing and knows how to keep things moving, and select someone to keep score. The husbands take a seat in a row of chairs in front of the group--usually four at a time--and the wives are secluded somewhere out of hearing. Then ask the questions.

Questions can range from the simple "What's your wife's favorite color?" to a little more challenging, like "When was the first time you kissed your wife?" the contestants record them on paper or poster board as the questions are asked.

When the husbands finish recording their answers, the wives return to sit next to their husbands. Then ask each husband one round of questions at a time and have them hold up their answers. Repeat the whole question and answer process with the wives.

The competition between couples is real as they try to prove to everyone that their marriage is the best. Some couples will seem to know each other's thoughts. Others will make you wonder if they ever lived together. Your partygoers will have a blast with the answers given and the good-natured banter between couples.