Outdoor Party Game Ideas for Kids Foster Active Fun

When planning a party for kids, it's always fun to add some party game ideas to your list of things to do.

If the weather cooperates, outdoor games are ideal. Kids love running around and being able to have the space to do so. A little high octane screaming is always fun, too.

Freeze tag is that perfect combination of outdoor and running around. In this game, everyone runs around while "it" chases them. When "it" tags someone that someone must freeze in the position they were tagged in.

Everyone who is not tagged then tries to tag the frozen kids to unfreeze them, before they themselves get tagged. This is always a fun game that everyone can participate in.

On a hot day, a balloon toss is always fun. Have kids create teams of two and have them stand a few feet away from each other. Give one member of each team a filled water balloon and tell them to toss it to their partner. Once everyone has tossed the balloon at a particular distance, have the kids move farther apart. When a team drops and breaks a balloon, they are out of the game. The game ends when only one team is left tossing a water balloon.

Some of the best party game ideas come from kids themselves. Think about how to get them to use their imaginations and come up with their own party games.

For example, provide them with items to make an obstacle course. You might give them a jump rope, a mini trampoline, some orange cones and a large ball. Tell them to create a course with the items (as well as any others they find). The beauty of this game is that children will play it for a long period of time as they reconfigure the items to create new and different obstacle courses.