Birthday Party Game Ideas for Preschoolers Require Two Things: Fun and Ease

If you are planning a birthday party for preschool-age children, you know that good party game ideas can be hard to come by.

Many can be complicated, which just won't work well with a room full of 3 and 4 year olds. Some require too many adults to make work, while others are just plain dumb.

When you begin working on ideas for party ideas for preschoolers, think simple. Think fun. And think active.

With that in mind, here are two fun game ideas for children this age.

Consider the classic "hot potato" game. In this version, use something soft that represents the potato. You might use a soft rubber ball, a rubber duck, or anything soft that fits with your party theme such as a foam crown for a princess party, or a rubber SpongeBob for a SpongeBob party, for example.

The children sit in a circle and someone is designated as the "caller". The caller closes his or her eyes and the children in the circle begin passing around the item you have chosen as the potato.

The object is to pass the item around so quickly that when the caller says "stop", you don't leave the game. Whoever does have the object when the caller says "stop" must leave the circle. The one person left at the end of the game is the winner (though if you are working with very young children, you might give each of them a prize just for participating).

Another fun party game for younger children is "Mother, May I?" which has the added attraction of teaching a few basic manners. In this game, one child is the designated "mother" and that child stands at the front of the other children, who are lined up in front of her.

The mother gives a command and addresses another child by name. She or he might say, "Robin, you can hop on one food for five hops" and the child then must say, "Mother, may I?" before hopping forward. Whoever reaches mother first wins the game.

The trick here is that children often forget (just as with "Simon Says") to ask for permission and they must then start over at the star if the line again.

These party games re both classics, but they remain so for a reason. They are fun and most children can learn them quickly.