Party Game Ideas for Baby Showers

Everyone enjoys a baby shower because it's the celebration of a new life and a new beginning for the expectant mother. Sometimes baby showers bring people together who have never met. As the host or hostess for a baby shower, coming up with fun party game ideas is important for the flow of the party, as well at the entertainment of the guests. There are traditional party game ideas for baby showers, such as the Baby Food Tasting game and the Baby Word Scramble. But for a more memorable party, try thinking up different party game ideas.

It's common knowledge that moms have well-known sayings they use while raising their children. Most adults can remember their mother yelling, "Wait until your father gets home." These sayings are a good starting point for a party game. Print out a selection of sayings, with a part of the saying removed. Have guests match up the missing part with the correct phrase. Another variation is to type up these sayings, leaving certain parts of them blank. Have the new mom fill in the blanks with what she would say to her child, then let the guests fill in what they think she would say. The guest with the most correct answers wins.

For an adventurous party game, take it outside. Borrow a handful of strollers from friends and put a doll in each. Separate the guests into teams of four and instruct them to run a slight obstacle course around trees, over rocks, and down hills without losing the stroller, dropping the baby, or falling down. The winners from each team race each other for the ultimate winner.

Keep the party games simple by tapping into the artistic side of the guests. Give each guest a paper plate and pen, then have them write their name on the back. Instruct guests to put the paper plate on their heads and draw a picture of what they think the baby will look like. When they finish, have them place it on a table where the expectant mom picks her favorite portrait. This game works with clay or foam balls, too.

Combine new party game ideas with traditional games for the most fun. When the party games are unique from other traditional baby shower games, the guests not only remember the games, but talk about them with friends.